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I've been MIA lately. It's not that I haven't been sewing, in fact I have done a lot, I just haven't been blogging. I am trying to get back to it slowly though, and just to kick off I am bringing home a guest post from last year. Enjoy!

Hello Sew McCool readers. My name is Magda E. and I blog over House of Estrela. Today I am here to show you how to make a baby toy on your own. I have to tell you though, that I made a commitment with myself, I will not buy any fabrics or other supplies because I have too many already... well, actually, after a couple of years sewing from what I have, my stash is quite smaller now. so, everytime I make something, I use from what I already have. For this one, I have used a scrap from a baby shirt and a small stuffed dog (we got years ago from a very well known fast food chain). 

If you have any fury fabric, that would look good. I had this one and a plain white one as choices, but I went for this one, because I think the contrast would be more interesting for my baby. It is a very quick sew, you don't even need a sewing machine. I handstitched mine too. And here's how I made it:

You can use any animals you'd like. The rectangle for the tube is folded in the photo. 

I didn't, but you can also include a rattle within the filling to make it even more sensorial for the baby. 

And we're so close to finish! This is a great quick and easy last minute gift because you can make in a few minutes. Or you can make a few of these, with different animals and tell a story to your little one with them. If your baby can hold objects already, this is a perfect one. 

I hope you've enjoyed it! If you'd like to see lots of refashioned/recycled projects visit my blog
Magda E. 


  1. Que giro Magda! E tão simples, realmente... :-)

    1. não precisa ser perfeito. O S. adora brincar com ele ainda hoje que já prefere outros brinquedos mais sonoros. E tb já pensei usar a mesma técnica para fazer doudous!!!

  2. So clever!
    Que ideia tão gira Magda!


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