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Refashion Month Series - 2014 July Edition

I am so happy to announce that tomorrow kicks off another Refashion Month Series: July Edition.  Not familiar with it? Let me tell you this will be an entire month of bloggers refashioning around here.  You can check HERE for previous editions. 
This time, there have been some changes though. Instead of inviting my favourite bloggers, I have opened a sign up form for any blogger that would like to participate. This way, I am not only giving you "new" blogs to find out as I have discovered great bloggers myself too, as they signed up. 
Also, instead of having their posts published here at House of Estrela, I will have them introducing themselves here, with a peak at their refashion project, and direct you to their own blogs. 
Check out what a great line up we have this time:

Gigggles & Beans - Nest full of Eggs - Friends Stitched Together - The Lachman Collection - Sew Straight & Gather - FABulous Home Sewn - Skirt Fixation - Swoodson Says - Gracious Threads - Sews n …

Pinterest Challenge |Pin 3 & 4|

First of all! It's my daughter's 3rd birthday today!!! How exciting is that?!
Last Sunday I missed my weekly Pinterest Challenge post. And nope, I didn't have any other pin crossed from the 5 I picked. I've been postponing most things. I had a lot of plans for the past weekend but my little girl got ill, and I've been trying to keep her fever low until last Tuesday, when her meds finally started to sort some effects and she was feeling good again. It was after that, that I got to make another thing I had planned to do from the challenge. 

- Pin #3 - 
One of my pins were the Savoury Flapjacks . I didn't follow that recipe though, I made cereal and nuts bars instead which was closer to what I had in mind. I used this recipe, well sort of, because I didn't follow it too closely. One thing I've learnt while searching for recipes, was that making bars are the easiest on earth, and you are so free to add what you like best. I just think mine turned out a littl…

Glimpse of ur last week #3

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

My kid got sick this week and not much was done.  I bought a few things I needed in order to make her a birthday cake, I am not throwing her a big party this year *so so sad* but I wanted to make sure she would have, at least, a cake to take to daycare the next day - as she requested - and some quite simple favours to the kids in her classroom.  I crossed two more pins from my challenge (check back tomorrow), and mainly spent time with my G. while she stayed home and searched for inspiration for two different orders (maids of honour dresses and barbie inspired shirt).

Just so you know...

... don't worry if I get MIA for a little while. Baby S. seems to be ready to make it into this world in the next few days. I had an appointment yesterday, he's ready, I am just trying to rest in order to delay it until big sister's birthday next Sunday. Wish me luck!
I do have a post scheduled for Sunday with my Pinterest Challenge update and another one on Monday announcing the beggining of another Refashion Month here in the blog. 

Why I Sew

I had a draft post in my dashboard with this tittle since May 28th. I guess, time would just go by and eventually I would forget to edit it and post it. But recently, I have seen this popping in a few blogs I follow and I thought it was about time to share "why I sew" too. 
Note: this will be longggggggggggggggggg and full of bad and old quality photos ... just saying... 
me and my sister my mom knitted the sweater I am wearing
I remember my childhood days, when mom would sit with me and my older and only sister, by our door entrance, in lovely afternoons and teach us how to hand sew. She was never a master in the field herself, but she knew the basics, enough to help us make our dolls clothes. Sometimes, we would spend hours there, she always crocheted and knitted (things she still does much better than sewing), I might have tried that a few times, but what I really liked was the sewing. 
I kept making my dolls clothes until I would no longer play with them. The seamstress whe…

Glimpse of our last week #2

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

This has a been a quiet and busy week at the same time. I finished and delivered two more orders. Was able to rest a lot, because my feet just needed it... being pregnant on warm weather isn't easy. I've started another pattern test. I was still able to take and pick G. from school a couple of times, had some exams taken, we went to the beach again, I made a new romper, allowed myself and kid to eat in the living room, and decided I want more colour in my house. I did a few crafts, not sewing related and some household that was on hold.

Baby Boy Romper #2

To close my own rompers sharing week, inspired by Sewing Mama RaeAnna's Romper Week Series, here I bring you the latest one, the second for my baby boy. I have used the same pattern, the FREE Baby Boy Romper by MellySews. |Find it here|. It is an only size pattern, so this was pretty much the same as for the first one. The difference was, of course, in the supplies used for each one of them. 

You wouldn't believe it - or maybe you would - but this (main) fabric layed on my stash for nearly 9 years. I bought it either when my sister was pregnant with my nephew or when he was just a couple months old. I had plans to make him something out of this.

Pretty clear I never did... until now.

For his cousin!

It feels good to finally work with fabrics I got used to see on my stash. I even tried my hand on some embroidery. Is this perfect? Most likely it isn't, but I tried and it adds something to my romper. 

As for the lining fabric, you might recognise it from the dress I made his…

The Pleated Jumpsuit - take 2

Still on the Romper Week spirit, I am bringing you the second girl romper today. Just like the first one (that actually made part of the official series), I made this using Elegance & Elephants free pattern, in the same size, but for my younger niece instead. She just turned two years old yesterday, and this was my birthday present for her. 

I wasn't sure her mom would like it, but the same day I finished this, we went to the beach together and sweet little M. was wearing a romper, in shape, very similar to this one. It was a grey plaid one, I think the fabric in mine is much cuter... hehehe... how modest, right?

For this romper, I have refashioned a linen maxi skirt. I don't have a full garment before picture of it, because it was given to me many years ago, and apparently I had imediate plans for it and cut through the skirt. I can't remember what I was going to make, and why I didn't, so, I only have two cut pieces of the before skirt to show you. I have also u…

Baby Boy Romper #1

Haven't you heard about Romper Week hosted by Sewing MamaRaeAnna? Well, it has started yesterday. House of Estrela and Call Ajaire had the honour of kicking off this year's edition. Check my full post here. If last year, I only followed the series as a viewer, this year I was part of the series and have prepared three more rompers to share through the week. 

This is the first romper I made for my little boy. I used MellySews FREE pattern for the Baby Boy Romper. It is a 0-3M sized pattern, but I think it looks big. Hopefully my boy will be able to wear it all through summer. I can't wait to see him in all these tiny clothes I've been sewing for him. 

Again, I used fabric from my stash, you might recognise the owls fabric. I used it to make a friends Christmas present last year. For the lining I used vintage sheets I have, ever since I was a little girl. I have been able to use this fabric for so many projects I can't count them anymore. One of them is the boy'…

|Romper Week|

I was thrilled when RaeAnna, from Sewing Mama RaeAnna invited me to be part of her Romper Week. I really liked to follow it (as a viewer) last year and it is great that I am one in line with these wonderful and talented ladies.

A few weeks ago I shared some inspiration I found on Pinterest. I had actually pinned both pictures long ago but you know, we pin so many stuff that it gets hard to go through them all. I liked that it was a romper (good inspiration to sew for this series), but the colours were also inspiring to me because I'd like to sew along with the new edition of Challenge Create. Although we don't celebrate 4th of July over here, this would be a great sew, I love the three colours (red, blue & white) together. I love to combine challenges and create one look with it... This time, it was the motivation RaeAnna gave me by inviting me for her series, it made me actually make something inspired on a pin from my boards and I used the first Theme for Challenge Crea…

Pinterest Challenge |pin 1 & 2|

For June, these were the 5 pins I chose to cross from my neverending to do list. 

Although last Sunday, I already had one of them crossed off, I failed to blog about it. I am bringing that one and the second one today to get on track with it. 
So, pin number one: the maxi dress look!
I chose that pin for a reason... it wasn't a random pinterest search for maxi dresses. The thing is, I scored a maxi dress in my usual charity shop a few months ago for 1€, but I hadn't used it yet, because it was a bit too large for me. I needed some motivation to fix it and finally wear it. 

The main problem with this dress was with the bodice... way too large for little me. Though the ladies got bigger with pregnancy, they're still not big enough for this dress, so that was something to repais. I tried to pull it down, pin and sew, but after it was done it looked weird, so I ended up unpicking my seams, and the original seams and adjust it to my size. The second problem with it was the stri…

Glimpse of our last week

Sometimes I get too silent, and because of that, I wanted to start a few new things on this blog. One of them is the Pinterest Challenge I have started on June first - yes, I haven't updated it last weekend, but I swear I have crosse 2 of the items out of the list - to be up on Sundays, and on Saturdays, I'd like to give you a glimpse of our last week.  Sometimes, we (hobby bloggers) are just busy working on things that aren't worth showing off and sometimes we're busy working on things we haven't got permission to post about, or... we're just too busy spending time with our families, which is the greatest part. 

I was able to work on some mending orders, my kid got a new toy, she's learning how to use her scissors, got more orders, was able to finish two more pattern tests, we went to the beach, I've been working on a new refashion for the baby boy, I fixed two maxi dresses for myself, sewn for another series, and am just starting a new birthday prese…

May Wrap Up

Boy's Wallet for my nephew

With Children's Day approaching (last June 1st), I started planning my nephew and nieces presents. I couldn't afford buying them much, but when you sew, that's not a big problem, right?! I've shared the Firecracker dresses I made for the little niece and the older niece. Today, here's the little something I made for the boy. First I thought about sewing some clothes for him too, but I am pretty sure the last measurements I took from him would no longer fit. He's 8 and a half right now and maybe it would be fun to make him a wallet for him to keep his stuff. I used Noodlehead's tutorial to make it. I had seen it around long ago and always been wanting to try it. For the main fabric, I used faux leather, some leftovers from a jacket from his mother. And for the lining I used scraps from a vintage sheet (I've been using this in oh so many projects...) and tried to embellish it a little on the outside. I used a piece of dark brown felt and some metalapplica…

My (second) Firecracker dress

About a week ago, I have posted about the latest dress pattern I've tested, and have shared the test version of the dress I made. I thought it made a perfect gift for my two nieces. That first one, was meant for the little one and this one I made for the big niece, who's turning 7, next month. 

If it wasn't for the stripes you couldn't tell front from back in this dress, and I don't think it looks half as cute without a model on it, so I can't wait to see L. wearing it and check fit and everything. For the first Firecracker I made, I used the same fabric for the entire piece, but this time I played with contrasts. 

Last time my niece came to visit, I showed her my fabric stash and allowed her to pick 4 of her favourite fabrics so I had room to play with matching them, or even to mix because of the amount I might or might not have available from her picks. This flower print fabric was her first choice, and all the other 3 were in the same line... meaning, they …

|JUNE| Pinterest Challenge is Back

This is where I post about pins I love and want to recreate, get inspired by to create something new, etc... and I hope to cross off, at least one pin per week. 

Maxi lookLittle GeraniumPancakesNursing TopSavoury Flapjacks 
Wish me luck!