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Challenge Create Week One Kicking Off Today!

The competition I am taking part in as one of the contestants has officially started today. The Sew Along link party is now open and I can't wait to see what my fellow contestants (and sew alongers) have to show for all the themes. Each of us will be featured in a different day of the week from Tuesday to Friday. If you want to see what I did, my post will be up on wednesday. Tomorrow you get to see the first creation... exciting, right?  On friday, you get to vote for your favourite contestant/look and also for your favourite entry in the sew along group. I'm sure there will be a lot of talent and hard decisions to make. Enjoy!!!

The Liebster Award

A few days ago, nearly two weeks ago already (oh dear, I'm sorry!), Teri Olson (Climbing the Window author) surprised me with the Liebster Award, which is a blogger-to-blogger award meant to recognize blogs with small readership and to help widen their audience. 
So, when nominated for a Liebster award, the nominee must answer the questions from the nominator and provide 5 random facts about her or himself.  Then the nominee pays it forward by nominating more small blogs for the award and sending them more fun questions, normally by leaving a comment on the blog with a link to the nominating post.
I will play by the rules this time... so I'll start with...
My blog nominations go to (randomly): Gladness of Heart Falafel & the Bee 
S is for Sewing
Made by Sara
The Land of K.A.
And Questions for the nominated bloggers (if they choose to participate):
1. What's your main inspiration when it comes to sewing?
2. What do you like to sew the most? 
3. How did you learn to sew?
4. Have you …

Who made you clothes?

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Laura - Behind the Hedgerow inviting me to join other fellow bloggers in a Fashion Revolution. We're all asked to wear and post a handmade item inside out on the 24th of April and ask brands/retailers, ‘Who Made Your Clothes?’
Abby from All Things Boys, Celina from Petit a petit and family, and Laura from Beyond the Hedgerow have joined forces with Fashion Revolution to get out the word of their movement. Visit their blogs to read more about this event. 
Last year a factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing 1133 people. Next month will be the first anniversary since it happened. So in honour of these people that lost their lives, because of the precary condicions they were forced to work under, let's all take the pledgeand have a revolution.

House full of Pandas |PR&P9#1|

Season 9 of Project Run & Play has kicked yesterday with the first theme being Take me to the Zoo. Goal: create an outfit inspired on our/our kid's favourite animal, trying to stay away from costumes though. 

Ever since I saw the themes, I've spent a while thinking about it. I wanted to make something for the baby, then something for G. and just couldn't decide. I thought about the elephant shirt idea (maybe later, because it's really cute), then cats because we've got two, the shark hoddies and then I kept seeing teenagers wearing cute Panda hoodies... 
And it hit me! I want to make Panda inspired clothes for my kids too. They are just too cute and sweet, and they are black and white and G. loves Pandas because of Canal Panda. I only had to decide what to do. I wanted to do something quick and easy because, you know, I've been having lots to sew (with a couple pattern testing in the middle too). So, I didn't get to be that creative. I used other's…

Challenge Create: Adult Edition

A few days ago, I told you about my backstage work, and how sometimes we have to wait to share what we create. Although, this isn't all I've been keeping from you, today I finally get to spread the word on one thing. ..
What I didn't tell you, was that I had just known I was one of the 4 lucky contestants to compete in Challenge Create. I was happy, excited and then just terrified when I looked at my fellow competitors.  All the ladies are super talented and more, they are all excellent photographers (auch!). 
Visit Skirt Fixation (click button above) to read more about this competition. You can sew along and support us all. It will officially last from March 31st to May 2nd. 
I was planning to sew along even before I knew I had been selected. It has motivated me to finally sew myself a few maternity clothes, so that's what you'll get from me. When I knew I'd be competing, I thought being huge right now would be a disadvantage for me, but on a second thought, …

Refashion Month July: Guest Call!!!

I know, I know... We are only about half way through March, but I am already thinking about July's edition of Refashion Month. 
No idea what am I talking about? Well, it is the series I started as a self challenge in 2012, then grew to a whole month of guests in 2013 and in 2014 it came back in January for a winter edition. Right now, I want to start planning the usual edition for July. 
But, I am pregnant now, and my baby's due date is exactly in July. Which means I might not have the time to take care of things then. I have considered skipping the series, but then, there is always the chance to have it all settled and ready before, right? 
I will make things a bit differently this time, usually I send personal invitations to guest post for the series to bloggers I've admired for a long or short period of time. In 2013 I even had a few spots for people who would like to guest post, I called them sew along guests and it was a great chance to get to know knew (to me) blogg…

My dress was featured

Go over Threading My Way. Pam featured my cow printed Bumblebee Dress.

Backstage working...

It is extremely hard for me to finish projects ahead and then have to wait so long to share them. I am the kind of seamstress that enjoys sharing whatever I create right away. But sometimes we compromise to other people, and sharing what's been made has to wait.
So, that said, let me tell you I've been like a busy bee, not only sewing, but sorting patterns, searching for inspiration... There are a few great things coming... have you heard?! Here are a few I can share for now... 
The 9th season of Project Run and Play is now starting with the introduction of the designers. The first link party will be open March 24th. Challenge Create starts March 31st, an adult sewing edition, organized by the ladies from Skirt Fixation
Themes for Project Run & Play (click link to read more on blog): - Take me to the Zoo - Spring Break  - Design your own fabric - Signature style
Themes for Challenge Create (click link to read more on blog): - Inspired by Nature - Refashion - (a hint of) V…

Basic Leggings Testing

Last month I was able to test the Basic Leggings pattern by MamaNene from Serger Pepper. They were released last Sunday, and you can click the link above to read more about it by the designer herself. 
As for me, I had the idea of making two leggings since January, when I visited my dad's town in Spain and bought this beautiful washed out blue, with polka dots knit fabric. Then, Irene made her call for testers and I thought it'd be a great oportunity to get done with it. 
I got a meter of that fabric for 3€, and it was just enough to make one pair for my daughter (size 3) and one for my niece L. (size 7). They were so easy and quick to sew together that I wish I had enough fabric to make a third pair for my grandniece too. 

This pattern is made to be very long and very high waisted, so I might have to adjust it a little next time I make it, because, my girls are short and they turned out just a bit too long for my taste (and my niece's too). I think they will get to wear …

The Renegade Seamstress & Burdastyle

I believe Beth Huntington from The Renegate Seamstress doesn't need much introduction, but I still will make a little one for you, just in case you don't know who I am refering to.
Well, Beth is like a refashioning superstar, she also hosts the great sewing competition I was part of last year, the Refashion Runway. Besides, she is a contributor to ehow and she has a book on the works.  
She was recently invited to host a live Web Seminar for BurdaStyle about refashioning. So if you've been wanting to get some inspiration/help to start refashioning your wardrobe, and have some fun along the way, this will be a great oportunity for you. 

Live Web Seminar Date: March 31st Start Time: 11am EST (4pm GMT) Length: 60 minutes for more information visit BurdaStyle here

Sunshine Award

A few days ago, my bloggy friend Desarae from Gladness at Heart, nominated me for the Sunshine Award. I was surprised and so happy and honoured to be one of her choices. Thank you dear!

This talented lady, was one of my fellow competitors in the Rafashion Runway competition later last year, and she was also one of my guests during the last series of the Refashion Month. 

First of all I will start by answering her questions... 

Questions from Desarae for her Nominees:

1. What are some of your 'accomplishements'
(in the Jane Austen sense of the word: i.e. sewing, crocheting, drawing, instrument, singing...)

Many years ago I'd come up with an endless list. apparently I thought I could do anything and had to be always creating either way. Noways, it all comes down to sewing, my passion, one of the things I love most in life. 
2. Where do you get your inspiration (sewing, crafting, outfits etc.) OTHER than Pinterest?
Pinterest isn't really my first stop when searching for inspirati…

My Carnival (and other) Costumes Round Up

And we've come to the last day of my mini Carnival series... if you just arrived here today, I've shared, for the past week the costumes my daughter wore this year and the last one. I also have put up two turorials to make two of them, Snow White and Sock Monkey. They were both refashions. Today, I am bringing a small round up of costumes from previous years. 

Not all of them were meant for Carnival. There's two Santa Claus Costumes (boy and girl) obviously made for Christmas. 
There's also a Flamenco Dress and a Flamenco Boy's Outfit that weren't made for Carnival either, but they are used as Carnival costumes around here too... I have blogged about them before. HERE
On top, there is a little Devil's Costume. I made it for a costumer last year and have never blogged about it before. My daughter was about the same age and I tried it on her to check the fit. She looked just too cute. 
Then you have the Sock Monkey Costume I shared with you (and tutorial) …

Sock Monkey Costume Tutorial (the refashioned way!)

Since last year, I never got to blog about the costume I made my little girl for Carnival, and since we are already celebrating it again this year, I thought I could bring home, the Sock Monkey Costume tutorial that I first shared over at Get Your Crap Together for her 31 Days of Halloween Series. Enjoy!

Hello! My name is Magda E. and I blog over House of Estrela. I live in Portugal, and we don't have a strong tradition on Halloween. It might have become popular to celebrate it from 10 years to now over here, mainly school parties, bars having themed parties, etc. Trick or Treat isn't that common, and the costumes are mainly witches, vampires, zombies... We called it "Dia das Bruxas" (Witches day) and I love it. It also happens that my birthday is just two days before Halloween, so I get to make wonderful themed parties if I want to. I actually only made one great Halloween themed party, but it was huge and I had a great time preparing it and having it. 
Back to the…

Butterfly Costume for/from school

Yesterday's the official Carnival day here. But for my daughter is has started a couple of weeks ago when they started preparing it at daycare. 
In my child's classroom, each kid picked an animal to identify their stuff, and mine chose the butterfly. When Carnival was peeking through the corner, their teachers decided to choose the animals theme for their costumes. Each would wear the animal of their identifications. 
So, as I said, mine is a butterfly. I was requested to take a pink shirt and a pink pair of leggings. In fuccia pink. Well, she actually had both, but the tones of pink weren't really matching and I wasn't feeling like buying any of the pieces. What to do then? Refashion of course. 

I went to the usual charity shop and their had the right tone of pink (matching the shirt she already had) for 0,50€ in the form of a child's dress. I bought it with the idea in mind of transforming it to leggings, but then it had a little tulle ruffle and I knew the teac…

Snow white Costume |Tutorial|

Yesterday I have shared the Snow White costume I made for my 2 year old daughter. Today, as promised, I will share the tutorial on how to make one on your own. I realised I haven't put together a lot of tutorials in this blog lately, and I came to find why. Sometimes, I'd start taking pictures as I start a project, but as I get my hands on the sewing, I get excited and forget to picture some steps. That nearly happened this time again, but I think I got enough to walk you through on your own costume construction. 
So, as said before, I started buying clothes in the colours I needed to sew my dress. I skipped the white collar and the cape... I know G. wouldn't feel comfortable with them so I just didn't get to the trouble of making them. 
When I got home, I knew I would have to make a second skirt. The yellow I picked was so beautiful, it had some shining parts, but it was made of a very thin fabric, see through, and not appropriate for the low temperatures we're g…

Snow White Costume

A few days ago, I came here to tease you with my thrift finds. I told you I was going to make my daughter's Carnival costume and dared you to guess what was it from this photo... 

Congratulations... you all guesses well. 
But that was quite easy, wasn't it? 
I made her a Snow White costume and today's the big reveal - as if it was something that important... erhmmm... just play along 'k? As you can tell, I didn't use the velvet dress, I didn't find the courage to cut it. My mom was in love with it too when she saw it, and she also told me it would be a shame to cut it to pieces. 
I used the Bumblebee pattern by Sewing Mama RaeAnna as a base for this, mainly for the bodice, since I had to adjust all the rest to what I wanted. Because I have made a dress and a tunic for my daughter with this pattern before, I knew this would be the perfect fit I was searching for. 

Besides the items I bought at the charity shop, I also used a dress (to make up for the velvet one …

Carnival (sort of) Series

The official day for Carnival over here is March 4th, next Tuesday. But celebrations have already started. On friday morning, some schools made parades with their classes. Each class usually picks up a theme and all kids are dressed up according to the theme, while others just go free. 
My kid's class theme was animals, and they have made their costumes too, but they didn't make it to their school parade because they are so young and two of the carers are away. I was sad when I knew about it, but at least they got to wear they costumes in school and play around. 
I am not one of the biggest Carnival lovers on earth, but I enjoy it too, so in celebration of the season, I have prepared a few posts for this week, according to the theme. I will be sharing how it was for my daughter is school last friday, I will share a couple refashioned costumes tutorials, I will reveal the costume I made G. this year and will also show you some of the past costumes I've made. 
I hope you al…