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January Refashion Month

I have to be honest! I have been trying to write this post for about a week. 
Refashion Month Series is just around the corner. Another month full of talented ladies, sharing their refashioning skills with us. I am sure no one will want to miss this festival of creativity. I have challenge - again - some of my favourite bloggers to join us and write us a post with a refashion they have made, her tips, tutorials or anything else they would like to. 
Are you ready to be surprised? 

During all January, you'll be able to see guest posts from some of the greatest refashionistas I've came across this blogland, and also, some bloggers that even though, refashioning is not what they normally do, have accepted the challenge. 
I don't know about you, but I just can't wait to see everybody's creations...  The series kick off January first! Make sure you don't miss it!
EDITED: remember to share your own refashions HERE!!! You have until the 31st of January!
*Wondering what …

Top 5 of 2013 |Reflections and Inspirations|

Today it's time to tell you about my top 5 reflections and inspirations. Those two topics are pretty much connected to each other, and that's why I chose to write them all together in one only post. When looking back I see I had a very productive year, I believe I've never been sewing so much. So... 
#1 - Sewing from my stash

I made a commitment as 2013 started. I wanted to buy less clothes for me and my daughter, and just a few days after, I came across this Sewing Your Stash challenge (click link above) and I thought I'd take part, it was a great motivation and inspiration to start searching through my fabric piles before I'd go running buying new fabric. I was able to spend an entire year without a single online order to get new materials. As for buying any fabrics, I can count which fabrics I bought: less than 5 meters total, not counting fabrics I had to buy for two orders, they were payed by the costumers after all so not counting. And I was able to use right…

The rest of my handmade gifts from this year

Due to my sickness, it wasn't easy for me to sit and sew more often. I had plans to do a few more gifts than I did, and better ones too, so I was happy that at least I did manage to make a few things in the past two weeks. I've already shown you a few of the handmades I made for Christmas, if you missed them, there's a link at the bottom for those posts.  Today, I am sharing all of the other gifts I made too. 
For my daughter's carers I wanted to make something simple that would be useful for the three of them. I made kleenex purse pouches. It's been soooooooooo long since the last one. Like three years ago I made a bunch of them to sell! 
For a good friend, I had a fabric basket in hand. She's a great knitter and I wanted to make her a gift that would also be useful for her. I had in mind a basket with pockets for different things: scissors, needles, yarn, etc... my time ran short though, the sickness was too much and when I realised it was too late to make t…

Gifts for boys

When Christmas time comes, the hardest thing for me is to come up with gifts for boys and men. I never know what to get them, especially men. Boys are easier because I can always give them toys for their age, but men... why is that so hard? I usually like to think my gifts deep, I like them to be appropriate for the individual person, something that I'll know they will love or that they really need. 
For the last few years, I made edible gifts, liquors, cookies, chocolates, etc. This year though, I couldn't dedicate too much time to handmade gifts and so I bought all the men's presents. For our (hubby's & mine) fathers, and a brother-in-law who's a fishermen I bought very warm underpants. For the other two brothers-in-law, I got gloves for one (yeah... I really didn't know what to get him and besides, none of us gets along that well with him, this was just a gesture, so we wouldn't get there with our hands empty for him when bringing gifts for everyone…

Top 5 of 2013 |The MISSES|

Three days ago, I started by sharing with you my 5 sewing Hits from 2013, today, I have prepared the 5 misses from the year. Ready for it?

Number 5 
Knock off nightgown. I actually like it, but it's not wearable at all. It didn't work as a nightgown, it has so many details, it'd be perfect as a regular dress, but there a problem with it... completely see through. So, She hasn't been wearing it, and what good is it to spend so much time sewing something, if you don't get the best of it?!
Number 4 
Boy outfit for my nephew. I had to sew a boy outfit for PR&P's theme week, and I am pleased with the pattern, but honestly, when I look at this outfit nowadays I just see how girly it looks for a boy. I guess his sister will wear it more often than he ever did. 
Number 3
Shorts for my nephew. First thing to make it go straight to the fails list is the fact that my dear nephew didn't even want to put these on for the picture. He didn't like it at all, and was eve…

Looking back at all of my PR&P items

It's almost a year since I finally started sewing along Project Run & Play - to read details on all the outfits, just click here and you'll be able to see every PR&P post I've made so far - and I never thought it would push me so much. It is a great way to be inspired, learn new techniques... and meeting great sewing mammas to share our thoughts and ideas with. My sewing blogging got so much better since I started sewing along. I've been loving it. 
Today, I am making a look back through the last year, with the clothes I've sewn inspired on PR&P themes.
SO, I started sewing along with season six, here's what I did with each of the themes:

week one: pattern remix

week two: polka dots & stripes

week three: boy's
week four: love is in the air
week 5: men's dress shirt challenge
week 6: Signature style
Between seasons, then there was a Party Remix, and this is what I made:
And before season 7, we had a All Stars season, with a four week cha…

Top 5 of 2013 |The HITS|

I just knew about this through the blog Aventuras de Costuras, and itt consists in writting, between here and the end of the year, 5 lists refering to 2013:

Top 5 Hits: Favourite Creations, most worn or most loved Top 5 Misses: Sewing Fails, UFOs, worn once, or complete disasters Top 5 Reflections: What did you learn about yourself or sewing this year?  Top 5 Inspirations: What books, people, blogs, trends etc motivated you this year? Top 5 Goals for the New Year

Last year I did my Top 12 of 2012, it was my most viewed links of the year. I think I will only stick with the top 5 lists this time. And today I will start with my Top 5 Hits of 2013, enjoy:
Number 5
My daughter's birthday outfit! I just love everything about it and how much love I've put into it. Unfortunately we didn't get a lot of wear from the tunic, though I believe it'll still fit quite well next summer, it had room to grow. And those shorts, are one of the greatest things I ever did (click HERE for the detail…

Gifts: Pencil Roll

My sister needed a quick gift for her son's friend; they were having a gift swap on school on tuesday and she had no idea what to get to the girl. Last year, I made two pencil rolls for our nieces and when she saw them, she asked me to make one for her friend's daughter too. And so I did. 

Eventually she asked for another one this year, and I was able to make it because mom was here for the weekend. I couldn't find the measurements I had used for the ones I made last year, so I had to measure it all over again, and I guess it turned out a bit too tight when it's got the pencils on. I wasn't pleased that it wasn't perfect, but I guess it worked.

A gift for a 3 year old

I was finally able to sew the last couple of days. The sickness wasn't so heavy and I could finally sit and sew a few easy and quick items for Christmas. I did not make a lot, not as many handmades as I wanted, but I did make a few and I am so satisfied about it. I will be showing those little things through the next days. 
For my cousin's daughter I had something in mind for quite a while. She's 3 and the thing she loves the most is drawing. I planned this gift for her birthday back in November (4th), but I already had a puzzle for her for Christmas and ran out of time to sew what I actually had in mind, so I gave her the puzzle for her birthday and used my idea on her Christmas gift. 
sorry pictures taken on a grey day and a bad light
I bought a notebook and a color pencils box. I wanted blank sheets, but couldn't find a single one. I made a book cover for it, and a pencil case. You may recognise the fabric, I've used it a few times before and still have some lef…

PR&P season 8

Have you noticed? Yes, the 8th edition of Project Run & Play is starting next month, and it's going to be fun to follow because the contestants are past sew along winners! How fun is that? Again, I will try to sew along, but I am not totally sure I will be able to.

Anyway, the themes for this season are:

Week One: (Jan 13th)---Winter Wonderland:  Design a winter inspired look. Week Two: (Jan 20th)---Let's Go to the Movies:  Design a look based on a favorite movie or movie character. Week Three: (Jan 27th)---Repurposing:  Design a look where the majority of the materials you use are either upcycled or recycled. Week Four (Feb 3rd)---Your Signature Style:  Design a look that best represents your personal style of creating children's clothing.
Of course I am loving week 3, especially because it will be Refashion Month in January, it will fit the theme of my series too. Exciting, right? Let's start sewing as soon as possible! It will be a year since I started sewing along w…

It's coming!

I know you're probably too drawn in Christmas  crafts and sewing, but soon December will be over and a new year will arrive will a lot of new experiences, and things to do and remember. 
Also, in the first day of the new year, we are having a winter edition of the Refashion Month over House of Estrela. Again, a month full of great and talented bloggers, all trying to give new life to old garments. 
Ready for the fun? 

A Bracelet for my big niece

When I wore the refashioned leather corset I made for Refashion Runway, I wore a purple and black bracelet with it. Can you remember? Maybe you didn't pay attention to that detail. Well, it doesn't matter much really, I just wanted to mention it, because I bought it like 4-5 years ago to a mom crafter that was going through some difficulties and I wanted to help. When I recieved it, I loved it more than I thought I would. But I am not a bracelet wearing kinda gal, and the same thing has been laying around. I wore it like twice so far. I've thought about gifting it away for a few days, it's new, but then again, I love it so and feel kinda attached to it.  
For a very long time, I've been considering reproducing it, my sister would love one and I guess most women do. This year, I haven't been able to sew much for Christmas, and going through some stuff I found my old beads. Hey, I haven't been able to sew but I guess beading is something I can do quietly, ri…

Pattern Testing: Cupcake top

So, last month, I was able to test for Sewing MamaRaeAnna again. I was very excited to test for her again and this cupcake top is just adorable. She asigned me the 18 months size. I have a grandniece who's just that age right now but it totally fitted my daughter too after all. Mine is nearly 30 months, but she's skinny I guess. 

I was in the middle of that huge order when I sewed this, and I didn't even got the time to take good pictures of it. I visited my niece to get her daughter into the top and check out the fit. On the photo below, that's my grandniece wearing it on the top photos and my daughter on the bottom photos. 

This was RaeAnna's first sketch of the pattern, it has been changed and improved ever since. This pattern is about to be realeased and I am sure you'll love it. 
Unfortunately I couldn't be a better tester this time. I only got to make this one piece and then it was impossible for me to sew at all. I haven't done anything, and I f…

A simple project: Flower hair clips

A couple of weeks ago, daycare asked us parents to help them collecting a few things so theu could sell in a local Christmas fair. The money from the sells would go to new materials for the kids. I went through my ready-made box of handmades and found two wallets and a dress I was willing to donate. But I thought that wouldn't be much, so to add a few more things I made some very quick hairclips. The flowers were done - I have a jar full of them from the time I learnt how to make them - so all I had to do was glue the ribbon to the clips, then glue the flower on it, and a button to finish. I made 6 hairclips to complete my donation in just a few minutes. Which is the best I can do lately.

Advent Calendar 2013

I've been wanting to make an advent calendar for years. I started saving little boxes last year to make one I have in mind for about two years or so, but I only had 22 by the end of November, so I guess that will wait for another year. I did make a calendar though!

I was inspired by this one here, but mine isn't as cute because as I told you, things have been slow on the sewing and crafting around here. This was the best I could get and I am pretty happy about it, because at least I made it!
In our calendar, we have activities to do together as a family and also one or another sweet for the little miss. This is all about her after all. 
Now I only wish I had a fireplace to put in on, but while I don't this has to work. I'm considering trying to build a fake one sometime in the future, but there are just so many projects in line...