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The Sew Off Contestants

Wanna know why I said I was so happy today? I made it! I am one of the twelve contestants for The Sew Off... I still can't believe it!!! I'm competing with a whole lot of talented ladies, I'm happy just for the fact that I was chosen to compete! Of course I'm excited to know how far will I go, but being there is already great for me!!! =)


Do you follow the Refashion Co-op blog?  Do you know their new Refashion Friday Link up?  Well, I used to colaborate with the blog but then I got busy and since I couldn't keep up with at least one refashion every 30 days, I decided to step out. Then I started sewing a lot again, and refashioning as crazy, so I was happy when they came up with the linky party, because I could share my projects still, even if I wasn't a colaborator anymore.  Was I surprised or what, when today I saw that out of 22 links, THREE of my own were most viewed ones!!! Yay... I'm pretty happy today... and that's not the only reason why. Soon I will tell you but not just right now. 

Let's talk about the Pinterest Challenge

I did not forget about it! No no no! And even though it may seem that I've complete lost track on this challenge, let me tell you: I did not! I just don't seem to get my pictures taken, since I've been so damn excited with other sewing challenges. 
Anyway... let's get back to my challenge pinspiration board: So, father's day activity, cell phone case and button placket are checked out of my list. Yay for me! Today I am showing you my version of the cell phone charger support. again I pinned something but had another one going on in my mind. I'm all for recycling, and I couldn't help thinking I had to try this: source I had actually started a while ago, I did prepare my empty bottle, and cut (even though mine was too thick and it was hard to do it neatly), but it layed around for a few months, until I came across pinterest challenge and decided it was about time to give it a finished look.  I used the decoupage technique on mine, and got this:
As for the two…

The Sad Cat Dress - PR&P week 1

Today is the day The All Star Season over at Project Run & Play starts. I've been waiting for this day to post my own Art Inspired creation. 

When I first read the themes, I immediately thought of Pablo Picasso and Van Gogh. But, as my euphoryia calmed down, I thought of something less obvious, and I went the only way I could. I chose the art of a Spanish artist, she's so talented, and I've been a fan since I saw her first illustration. 
I chose to be inspired by Victoria Francés. I knew I wanted to fabric print one of her illustrations, but let's face it, it was going to be part of a little girl's dress, and her sad, gothic, sexy vampire world wasn't really appropriate. 
Lucky for me, she doesn't draw only realistic pictures, she's got things such as Misty Circus, and that's what I held on to for my project. 
I selected one illustration that I found appropriate, printed it on a normal paper before anything else and I kept staring at it, until …

My thoughts on Placket Pockets tonight

Don't you just hate when something doesn't come out the way you want to? I do! And I'm not going to make any mistakes today. It's gonna be perfect!
I've been practising doing placket pockets here. I need to make a couple for the project I am working at the moment. I don't do one for years, plus I haven't done more than 3 in my entire life, and I was going to make the first one on the final piece, but then found myself scared of messing up the whole thing, since a few of my latest projets didn't go as well as hoped... (here)
Good thing there is a lot of great tutorials out there just to remind us how to do things the right way. Though it's not quite as I used to make them, I'm going to try to follow this tutorial now. I've also been reading a Burda book I got, but again, why do I find Burda's indications so hard to follow? I usually get even more confused after I read them. =/ and I'm glad to know I am not the only one thinking so.

Sew-vivor week 1 |Sew along|

If you haven't realised yet, the Sew-vivor competition has kicked off today. The 10 contestants are sharing wonderful projects, it is so hard to vote! I picked my favourite and voted for it, but first I had a hard time to choose who/what that would be. Go there, check it and vote too
My own project has been ready for about a week or so. I am really proud of my own creation, especially because it's been a while since I did anything for me. It's been all about my little girl, and I've been neglecting all the rest (nephew, nieces and myself). That's something I have to work on soon and am already making plans for. 
Anyway, I had this ugly vintage dress/skirt don't even know what to call it really waiting for me in the refashion pile for far too long. I loved the colour, since the very first moment my in law handled it to me, in a bag full of 80's clothes, lots of polka dots included. That was heaven for me. I even used one of those pieces in a previous refa…

The Sew Off auditions started today!

I must be out of my mind, but I just got myself into a new challenge. Today auditions for The Sew Off have started. Do you want to know more about it? Just click the button below: As I was saying, I must be crazy, but I did link one of my posts to audition too. And again, it's more about the fun than actually the prizes. I need to sew in order to stay sane these days, and I need to sew through my stash. Of course, it'd be fun if I make it to the 12 participants, but if I don't, I will happily sew along as I've been doing with all the other challenges/contests/whatever! Tomorrow the themes will be announced and I really can't wait to see what they will be.  Will any of you audition too?

Pinterest Challenge #3

Apparently I am getting on track with my pinterest challenge pins and to-do's. I did finish my number one pin already, and I am just allowing the next item to dry! I am having trouble on getting the number 3 pin done, I need a special flour and I can't find it anywhere. I hope I will before April 2nd. lol
Anyway, I am here to talk about the 3rd week project of this challenge. It was an activity to do with my daughter for Father's day which will be tomorrow. 

The pin from the above image was this one: but I wasn't really sure if it was what I really wanted to do with G. I kept pinning other activities and eventually, I picked one. The one I thought to be closer to what I had in mind. Which turned out to be this:
I just loved this idea and its possibilities. 
What we got though, was this:
I let her free paint in a light blue piece of paper - just so you know, if you're wondering, she's 20 months old. It was an adventure to trace her hand's shape as she didn&…

Project Run And Play - Sneak Peek

As I've told you before, I am very excited about PR&P's themes and have started planning and creating already. I just finished week 1* project and have week 2** started too. I know exactly what I want and will make for week 4**** and I know week 3*** will be dedicated to my 5 year old niece. Back in season 6 I made her brother an outfit and she asked for a dress, of course. So, she deserves it and I will make her a dress, though I haven't made up my mind yet, I do have a slight idea of what will come for it, and what fabric I will use.   Today, I will tease you... Here's a little of what I've been working on:

Today could have been a great day to put G. on her new dress and take some photos, if it wasn't for the damn rain. It stoped now and looks like the sun wants to come out, but every place is wet outside and still looks dark inside... =( 
I am so happy that week one is done already, and I won't be finishing right on time as I did before. I want to d…


My baby shoes were featured!!!

Pinterest Challenge #2

I know, I know... I am getting behind with the Pinterest Challenge. Good thing is I still have until the 2nd of April to get all my pinspirations done. 
Here's, again, the pictures of the 6 pins I chose to make. Last week I crossed number 5 out of the list, and this week I am crossing number 2 |and in a few hours I hope I'm able to cross number 1 too|.  So, this week's challenge item was the mobile cover for V. I consider it a small failure for me. My pin did have a tutorial, but guess what?again I was too lazy to follow it. I just looked at the images.  Why the hell do I enjoy doing things on my own and then don't be pleased with the results? Why, when there is a nice tutorial to just follow? I don't get it, but well... I guess I learn from it and improve, that's the only reasonable thing I can think about.  For G's shorts on the Sew In Tune Challenge, I have recycled a pair of V's jeans. Apparently he loved these particular pair and was deeply sad th…

Oh... didn't I tell you?

I didn't make it to the top 10 of Sew-Vivor! That's right, but ok though. Did you see the amazing projects that did achieve that list? Go there and check them out. They are amazing! So, it's good to know I did lose to the best. I can't wait to see what these ladies will come out with for each of the 3 challenges. 
Anyway... I'll do my best to follow up with the themes. I have actually done week's one challenge (theme: Emerald). I only have to get some photos taken to it. And I am just starting the last theme (quilting). Yes, the last... I am kinda lost with the second one (buttons), so while I don't get there, I am working on the last theme already.
Which will also fit Project Run and Play's week 2 (chevron)....

Oh wait! I didn't mention that either, did I? The next season of Project Run & Play is starting. Here's all you need to know about the All Stars Season and of course I want to sew along once again. It was just too much fun to do so …

Saving while sewing

How do I save while I sew? Besides all things I have been saying in previous posts, using and re-using all that I already have at home (fabric bought years ago, accumulated stash that other wise would lay there forever,etc); I have another trick to share.  Once some piece of clothes is settle to go to the garbage because it really is something that can't be used anymore, I literally deconstruct it and keep all zippers, buttons and anything else worth saving. Most of the times I get really good quality zippers that last forever, nice coloured ones too, which I sometimes can't find at stores locally.  Same goes for buttons, in very curious shapes and colours, and just like elastics.  Why I am talking about it now? Oh, because I was organizing my zipper drawer and realised they didn't fit properly anymore. A lot of them still had their original fabric attached to it, and my job today as G. is napping was going to unstitch them all.  Of course, I am bored already, so I choose …

One vest from two Shirts

When I started the green pants refashion, I immediately started a refashioned vest too. The one above, yes. It was suppoused to be a match, and having G. wearing them together, at the same time! Well, I am putting that that clear because she never did and I deeply doubt she will. As I mentioned before, the pants are getting too small for her and she hasn't even wear the vest once. Why?
That's an easy one to answer. Her lovely, dear mommy, left the vest to finish until just a few days ago. Shame on me!!! Especially because there was only decorative seams left to finish. Which I did, while she went with my mom to the grocery store. And it took me just a few minutes.
I made it out of two knit tops I was given a while ago. Unfortunately I forgot to take before pictures. The one I used as lining was a brown turtle neck top and the the white and green one I used for the outside, was a very large tunic.
I even made a complain about this vest before, I had a blackout and was having a…

One Project Fits Two (or three!)

Yep! When I made a commitment with myself about following as much sewing challenges as I could, I knew at some point, I could use turning one only project into two (or more who knows?!) challenges done. 
So, first challenge
Over at Project Run & Play, there's a new Pattern Remix Party going on until the 8th of March. As soon as I took the first glance at the Jess' Spring Fever Pattern  I knew exactly what I wanted to make for my daughter. Of course, I changed my original design as I started and went trhough with it. I spent all my little free moments from yesterday sewing this new outfit. 

To make it I used a blue cotton sheet, and a fat quarter polka doted cotton fabric, that I already had in my stash. As well as the buttons on the placket and the elastic on the waistband. I didn't lined it, I wanted to keep it pretty fresh(y) for Summer. I thought it would be a little too big right now, but I guess she has developed physically lately. I used the Sping Fever Dress pa…