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Picture me Domestic... just for the fun of it!

AHHHHHHHHHHH... I totally forgot to link my picture to the "Picture me Domestic" thing. Oh well, at least I had fun trying to take some nice and most of all funny pictures of my person while doing my domestic activities. Unfortunately, some I can't add here today because there's something wrong with my USB and I can't pass my photos into the computer... Arghhhh!!! Here's the one I can publish, because my USB was still working when I took it.
Funny laundry making!

Picture Me Domestic Contest

I just read it at Family Ever After  and I have decided to participate... It's going to be fun. Are you in too?

Spring Stashbust

The Spring Stashbust Round (April) took place over T-Shirt Diaries. I decided to play along, mainly to keep me from buying new supllies. And I made it, I haven't at all. I was really close to do it, but I said NO at the last minute.  And there was a bonus, Robin has featured my Maternity Tunic Tutorial!!! How great is that? Thanks so much!!! What else did I do stashbusting? Well, I am preparing my daughter's first birthday bit by bit, so, so far I have succeed to: use a sheet of black felt for the party favours,
use some red and white polka dot fabric for her birthday dress, 
white and blue polka dot fabric is being used on a flamenco dress for her too. 
I have cut off a very old pair of pants I have been given (huge red polka dots) and am making a lovely tunic for myself. 
What else? Oh, I've started a blue 50's dress for myself too, my cousin is getting married one day after G.'s birthday and I am making our outfits. We'll all be matching: mom, dad and baby.…

The Stripes Skirt

I made this skirt about a year or two ago. I don't wear it that often, especially after being a mommie, it's not that comfortable to wear mini skirts when you have to be running around with a little baby. 
But I loved it when I made it and I still love it. I guess I have to wear it more from now on. I loved how well done it was, especially when I was going through a bad season and my sewing skills were a little left behind. Finishing this project was a little escape for me too, so I am very proud of it. 

P.S. don't you just love my shoes? I L-O-V-E my shoes!!! ;)