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How to: fill with little styrofoam balls

Do you ever come across a project that need those little styrofoam balls for the filling? Since I've been making a lot of breast feeding pillows for sell, I've been working with those a lot. And it trully gets on my nerve. The first time was a disaster and ever since I have been trying to find a way to fill my items with no mess, and in a short time. 

Everytime I had to fill something I would think of an easy way to do it. But it was only until the last one I had to make that I came with the greatest one. If you're struggling with the same problem, here's how to do it. 

You'll need an elastic, and the top of a large water bottle (cut the bottle in half). 
 Wrap the elastic around the bottle's small hole. And then just fill the top with the little balls. They will easily roll into the pillow (in my case), and in no time, it is done. Just make sure you keep your fabric straight!

Nursing in purple

I have been making it bit by bit. The first thing I finished was the protectors for my baby's bed. I first thought of buying it and avoid the whole lot of work, since she was a newborn when I started them, and I had no time at all for sewing then. But, I couldn't find what I wanted, or it was way too expensive for my taste.
I decided I would make it then. And I did, bit by bit as I mentioned before.

I used a tutorial from a magazine I had, full of baby items. But of course, I altered it a little. I only made two pieces, and it was a 4 pieces one in the original.

Here's how they looked like when I finished them. The blanked didn't match at all, so I had to make a new one, of course. It took me another couple of months until I had it done.  The bigger doll on the bed, was also made by me. It holds her diapers in her room right now. I will surely make a post about it someday.  For the blanket I wanted to use tthe same pattern but I didn't want the squared to be so sma…

Tutorial: Recycled Ribbon Organizer

Have you ever found yourself drawning in lots of ribbons, all messed up?! Did you? And did you wonder how the hell can I organize them all?
Well, that's surely what happened to me, when I found myself bringing home those lovely ribbons. So, I had to come up with an idea to organize them. And after just a little time, I discovered my solution. 

Do you want to try too?!

Here's what you'll need:
1 paper toillet roll
packages card (you can use the ones from your cereal box)
glue tape, any kind

Start by cutting a piece from your roll. Or as many as you want to make. You might want to cut the width according to your ribbons width.

Then fold your card and cut a circle a little bigger than the roll.

 You've got the 2 circles you need for your ribbon organizer.

Add some glue tape all around the roll. You can add one by one too, just like I did.

And start gluing it to one of the circles.

Once you've glued it all around, you can start glueing the other circle. It will give yo…

Mom & Daughter Dress II: The Reveal

Dad was home today. It was his day off. The only one he has in the week. And having him around means, oportunity to take some nice shoots of us two together. 
So after lunch we went out, letting the warm sun shine down on us. G. fell asleep on our way to a small village by the sea nearby. But, as she woke up we drove to the next town. They have an old castle there, with a beautiful garden. Before G. we used to go there a lot to take some nice shoots... of me! =) Mostly when I had any new clothes made.  She wasn't really in the mood for photos when we got there.I guess she didn't sleep enough, though she woke up on her own. But then I walked her around and she did appreciate the flowers and leaves. She couldn't stop staring. 
I just LOVE the way the dress looks on her with the hat also. I was afraid it wouldn't turn out as I had imagined, but it was quite fine... not perfect though, not for me at least...  I guess it's not very clear on these photos, but her dress …

Sneak Peek Number 2

Just a few days ago, I have showed you a little bit of the dresses I have been making lately. A second round of "mom & daughter dress". I have just finished hers a couple of hours ago. So, I thought about teasing a little bit, until I actually take some nice shoots of the final pieces. 

The final reveal is coming closer... I hope you'll like them as much as I did!

The first one

Before G. was born, I made her several things: a doll to hold her diapers, I've recycled her car, I stitched a few panels for her bedroom, and a few more.  But it was only when she was about 2-3 months old that I sewed the first clothes for her. 
I used this very light floral fabric that I had bought just a few weeks before she was born. I really liked how it turned out. She wore it all through the Summer and I'm terrible sad that it won't fit anymore. 

Sneak Peak: Mom & Daughter Dress II

One of my goals for 2012, is to use that huge pile of fabrics I've been acumulating for too long. 
So far, I have used the stripped leftovers from my dress to make G.'s dress, and that's pretty much what I did. 
A second goal for 2012 in craft matters, is to finish several projects I have started, really excited about them, but have left unfinished and forgotten in a dark box... poor projects. 
So, trying to catch up those two goals, I have finished a dress I had started way over two years ago, and I am right now in the middle of using the leftovers from that same fabric to make G.'s a new dress. Matching mine, of course. 
Here's a little sneak peak, I hope soon, I'll be able to show you both dresses.

Romantic Tilda Doll

Since I first discovered the Tilda dolls, I fell in love with them... all of them! and I wanted to make one for too long when I finally came across a sew along to make a Romantic Tilda. I joined it, of course, and by the end of November, I have finished my own. 
And here's a more detailed picture of it.

Mom & Daughter Dress I

A few weeks ago I found some leftovers from a dress I had cut shorter a while ago. I kept that fabric so I could make something else, like leg warmers or something like that. But then I got pregnant, and that dress was kept somewhere away, until I recently found it.

The fabric was also hidden in one of my boxes of fabric and old clothes for refashions. When I found it, I immediately thought that would be just enough to make my daughter a brand new dress... and better: just like mommie's.

Well, the dress didn't turn out equal to my own, but I am very pleased with the final result.

She's wearing it

Just like I promised yesterday, I took some pictures of my baby girl wearing, the so lovely robe, I made her. Even dad loved it! And I felt so proud when I put it on her. It fits perfectly, she feels confy, still can play a lot, and surely she spent the day warmer... it's freaking cold outside, and inside too.
So, here it is:

My first blog post

I've been blogging for quite a while already. But I have deleted all my old blogs, and decided not to create any new ones.  Still, the one blog I have right now, I write it in my own language, and it's more than just a craft blog. I felt I had my hands tight, I could only comunicate with people that talked the same language, and I wondered why?! So, here it is... a blog for my DIY life only.  I hope it allows me to meet lots of crafty people, share a lot of ideas, and learn a lot from everyone else. 
In this first post I am showing a little project I just finished today. 
The weather got really cold here, it's that cold mass air going through Europe reaching my little country by the sea, so, since she didn't have any and I wasn't in the mood to spend any money, I made a robe to my 7 month old daughter, from one of her plain blankets. 
The polka dots fabric I used, were scraps left from other projects I've been making for her bedroom, and which I plan to share …